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Oikonomia is a Greek word that means administration, dispensation or stewardship.  Has God always administered the same conditions for forgiveness of sin? The sacrifice of animals was a requirement at one time to have sins forgiven. The Bible gives instructions about sacrificing animals.  Are you still supposed to do that today?  Why not?  Because it is in the Old Testament?  No - it was part of the Dispensation of the Law.  When did that stop - with John the Baptist?  No - Christ said He came to fulfill the law.  Did it stop at Christ’s death?  No-Peter kept the Law till Acts Chapter 10. Up until that time the twelve Apostles were instructed to go only to the Jews (lost sheep of the house of Israel) and were not to give the children's bread to the Gentile "Dogs".  However, Apostle Paul was not one of the original 12 Apostles. In Acts Chapter 9, Saul was transformed from the chief persecutor of the Christians to the Apostle for the Gentiles, Apostle Paul.  The Glorified Christ began to give Apostle Paul the revelation of the Dispensation of the Grace of God in Acts Chapter 9. Since the Dispensation of Grace did not start before Acts 9 then the Dispensation of Law did not stop until Acts 9, at least.


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