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Israel (the Jews) are promised a new Jerusalem or a new Kingdom.  However, under the Dispensation of Law, their sins aren't to be blotted out till the times of refreshing comes from the presence of the Lord.  That is still in the future. Thank God, today (in the Dispensation of the Grace of God) we (Jew & Gentile alike) are forgiven, we have received atonement, we are part of the Body of Christ, part of His flesh and bones.  And we (Saints) are seated with Him (if we have accepted His salvation) far above all Heavens.  Thus, our heavenly inheritance is not linked to our works.  Our works determine our rewards in Heaven - not whether we are going to Heaven. Our works will be tried of what sort they are and those done for God will receive an award in Heaven. Some Saints will actually be involved in reigning with Christ in Heaven.


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