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Design of God

Genesis 2:7-25

God made a man, Adam, from dust into a living soul and made the Garden of Paradise for him to live in and take care of.  God gave Adam a few simple instructions but did not make him complete, Adam needed a “Help Mate”.  God was wise enough to let Adam come to this realization on his own when after parading all of the world’s creatures before him, Adam still did not find a helper or mate.  God’s wisdom is then shown again and instead of creating a new creature from dust He took flesh and bone from Adam to create a woman, Eve.  Even Adam realized the significance of their being “one flesh” and as such their entity and unity is now significantly more important than ties to fathers, mothers, or other relations.  Apostle Paul expounds on this more in Ephesians 5:21-33 which we study later in much more detail as this is a major key to a life-long God fearing marriage.  Another major key to a happy and fulfilled marriage is the total openness and innocence in marriage that was exhibited in the Garden of Paradise.

Genesis 3:6-7

They were naked and unashamed but, unfortunately did not realize the blessing of that oneness until they were disobedient to God.  When Adam compromised his commitment to God it resulted in stressing their oneness.  Notice I said his commitment not their commitment.

Genesis 2:16-17

God gave the instructions to Adam – Adam then gave instructions to Eve.

Genesis 3:1-24

Although the serpent took the route of deceiving Eve first, Adam also succumbed. We know Adam’s transgression was more significant than Eve’s due to the individual penalties imposed.  Eve was to experience pain in childbirth and was to desire/depend on her husband and he was to have stated authority over their relationship to God.  This will be further demonstrated in additional studies.  However, Adam’s transgression resulted in all of mankind having to grow their own food through much toil and sweat and more significantly, in the passing of original sin penalty and death on every person born into this world. He was then driven from the Garden of Paradise.

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